Reach. Engage. Treat. Retain.

We believe that early and personalized engagement with at-risk customers leads to higher collections productivity and account retention, at a lower cost to your business. Symend combines workflow and campaign automation with proven approaches in behavioural science to transform your recovery strategy.

Aggregated data insight from each customer interaction informs the continuous optimization of your outreach strategy. This dynamic approach results in higher conversion rates, improved efficiency and lower transactional costs per recovery.

Protect Your Brand

Traditional collections tactics result in a negative experience for you and your customer. We believe that the recovery process is an opportunity to engage customers and differentiate your brand. Companies who use positive, individualized treatment options see higher customer retention and a higher lifetime value.

Higher Recovery Rates

Many collection systems do not support iterative and personalized engagement strategies. Symend uses advanced customer segmentation techniques to touch your account holders with messages that most deeply resonate with them. Additionally, you will gain deeper insight into where your customers feel the highest friction points in your existing recovery process.


For every customer lost due to poor recovery interactions, another one is needed to replace them – often at a higher cost. Our solution is designed to productively engage each customer so they are nudged towards an individualized treatment path. The result? Improved payment behaviour, stronger brand affinity, and long-term customer relationships with reduced rates of future delinquency.

About Us

Our team is passionate about changing the lives of people experiencing financial hardship. We believe that positive and proactive consumer engagement empowers people to get ahead, and gives our clients better results at a lower cost - all while protecting their brand. We’ve assembled a team of industry veterans, top advisors and investors to transform recovery in the banking, telco and utility markets - and beyond!

Leadership Team

Hanif Joshaghani
Hanif Joshaghani
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Hanif is passionate about building high performing teams to create products that deliver powerful results for clients. He has a wealth of business development experience in establishing lasting relationships with partners, advisors and clients. He has raised a total of $30M in capital across the four companies that he has founded, with three prior full or partial exits.
Tiffany Kaminsky
Tiffany Kaminsky
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Tiffany’s deep expertise in data-driven consumer engagement comes from over 10 years in marketing and client success roles across SaaS and automation technology companies. She applies this knowledge as a domain expert on Symend’s product development team and in leading client campaign strategy.
Dean Skelton
Dean Skelton
Chief Technology Officer
With over 18 years experience in building enterprise software products on both sides of the border including in Silicon Valley; Dean brings a depth of experience in managing development teams to deliver scalable products in entrepreneurial environments.

We’re working hard, growing fast and are always seeking talented team members to join our journey. If simultaneously empowering consumers to get ahead and market leaders to improve their business sounds inspiring to you, let’s talk.